Menu Items

I'm making a concession today. I've never liked drop-down menus. My distaste for them is precisely why I've avoided them like the plague. But today I was viewing the site on an iPad oriented in portrait mode and I realized that the menu items were being wrapped in a way that I found aesthetically displeasing. So, alas, considering the screen size of the iPad (and the iPad Mini) I've decided to start incorporating some drop-down menus. They will only be one level deep so to not be too much of a burden. Also, I'm not 100% satisfied with their implementation on the iPad with this template so it might be time to consider a different one for the whole site. Who knows?

I don't have an iPad Mini so I can't test the appeance of my site with those dimensions. If someone out there, however, has an iPad Mini and would be so kind as to send me a screenshot of the homepage I'd be greatly appreciative.

Look forward to some changes and additions to the site, more regular posting (now that I'm a little more free to write) as this year progresses. And please, keep me in your prayers.

Site Update: Video

Today I added a new section to my site that I'm sure you will love. Now when you visit the The Eighth Way you will see a new item in the Navigation Bar titled Video. Currently I have embeded the awesome videos that Br. Brad Elliott, O.P. has created in conjunction with us Student Brothers of the Western Dominican Province. I love these videos. You will too.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. They work perfectly and look beautiful on a mobile device.

Bump in the Road

My plan to get an email address specifically for this blog has been delayed. For some reason Apple didn't register properly my request to delete one of my iCloud aliases. It happens. But, one more week and it should be ready. In the mean time I'm working on a blog post that is about something near and dear to my heart. Stay tuned.

Site Design

I really hate the endless list of links, books, and blogs that adorn most left or right blog columns. To spare everyone, including myself, of this phenomenon I'll create additional pages that list that sort of info. Yeah, it will be in a post that I'll update on occasion. Yeah, that isn't as clean as doing it another way. But, this is a free Wordpress account, my options are limited. If someone wants to pay for a SquareSpace account along with my own domain then I'll consider doing something different. Until then, I'm doing what I do with what I got.

How This Will Work

So, I've been wondering exactly how I'm going to organize this blog. I was speaking to one of the students here at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Newman Center and it was suggested that I answer questions. I think that's a good idea. I'm setting up a public email address for this purpose. I hope this will be a good way to keep me honest. I'm telling you, I'm really bad at keeping up a blog. I'll need your help to make this successful. If I don't post something for a while somebody please say something on my Facebook page. It'll be very helpful. One thing I must remember is that for this venture to be successful I need to write about things that interest me. If I attempt to please everybody, I'm sure I'll please nobody. I'll answer questions; but, I'll need a lot of original content. It's going to take about a week to set up the email address. I had to delete one of my aliases from my iCloud account to create one specifically for this blog. I don't know why, but once you delete an alias it's seven days before you can create a new alias. I'm not complaining. iCloud is a lot better than MobileMe. (Warning: I'm a Mac dork. As a result you'll likely get some Apple stuff from time to time.) But, once the email address is ready I think it'll be a great opportunity for everybody. And no, I will not just take out a Gmail account. I'm in the process of divorcing Google. In the meantime, stay tuned, I'll make sure to not let the electronic wells run dry.

Those of you that are following this blog on Facebook let me know what you think. I'll be interested to read your thoughts.