When I was younger I had so many poorly formed ideas about life, the universe, and everything. 42 just wasn't a sufficient answer. So, I concocted a number of half-baked theories about life. I still have a lot of half-baked theories about life. I guess the difference is that I'm willing to challenge them these days. One of these was about relationships. Not romantic ones, just relationships. I found it fascinating that in all the possibilities of life we encounter people who, on a sliding scale, become deep personal friends or are momentary, seemingly insignificant chance encounters never to be seen again. I was obsessed with that moment of encounter. It is, after all, an amazing thing. The intersection of two lives changes both lives forever. Maybe this is why I became so attached to the philosophy of Personalism. My problem was that I was so entranced by the encounter itself that I lost sight of its purpose.

If we believe in the sovereignty of God over all things we should hopefully see his hand in each encounter. With this in mind my question has changed. I'm still entranced by the mystery of meeting another. Now, however, I want to know why God allowed me to have this new relationship. Why now? Why do I retain older relationships? Why have I lost touch with others? It sounds a little hippie to me but I want to know how God is speaking to me through the other and how God is speaking to them through me. I have no real answers here. I just thought I'd share one of my random thoughts.

I hope you want to know this sort of think too.