More Javascript Magic

Again, I must say that people are amazing! Thanks to Jesse Atkinson I have been able to introduce a new site feature. We now have Arrow Key Navigation![1] The introduction of this feature is part of my ongoing project to make everyone’s reading experience of this site even more pleasent.

This idea came to me the other day when I was at a meet-up with Merlin Mann.[2] He was extolling (as he does) the awesomeness of keyboard navigation in gmail. I thought that this would be a great feature to incorporate here at The Eighth Way.

This is what Keyboard Navigation does:

  1. Arrow Up/Down: Using these keys on any page on my site it will auto-scroll from one article to another.[3]
  2. Arrow Right/Left: Using these keys you will be able to navigate forward and back through pages of older to newer posts.[4]

Because this makes navigation a lot easier I will be increasing the number of posts that are visible on each page.

Try it out. It’s like magic!

  1. Javascript really is the duct tape of the Interwebs.  ↩

  2. Merlin is a font of super great ideas. He has keen instincts for what is helpful and what is extraneous.  ↩

  3. What’s cool is that the script recognizes where you are on the page so it’s smart enough to scroll up or down from your current position on the page.  ↩

  4. In other words, you don’t need to click the Older or Newer link at the bottom of the page. You can just use the right/left arrow keys.  ↩