I’ve sucessfully implimented bigfoot.js footnotes on the site. They make it alot easier for you, the reader, to read footnotes.[1] I don’t like the triple dot format but I’ve seen some examples where this has been modified to a standard number system that looks much cleaner. However, the default settings will work for now. I expect that I’ll tweek it over time.

  1. Like this nifty example here.  ↩

Update: I've modified the CSS so that the bigfoot.js footnote markers are something that work with my site a little better. I've exchanged that three dot oval I dislike with an 8-pointed star. I felt this was a fitting image since the 8-pointed star is associated with my holy father St. Dominic.

I hope this is a better solution for readability. All you need to do is whenever you see a ✵ click it and watch the javascript magic.