Redesign: In Fact

I recently lamented certain aspects of the design of this site. Well, the rolling stone gathers no moss. I've begun the process of redesigning it and I'm happy with the progress so far. My hope is that the design will continue to fit the primary purpose of The Eighth Way, namely, the communication, in long form, of those things that I've been contemplating. I'm hoping that the new design will fit this mission a little better than its predecessor. I've tried to join together the aesthetic aspects into a more coherent unity and keep in mind the functional need for readability. I'm throughly grateful for the original designer of the template I've chosen as the underlying design and Squarespace for providing this marvelous hosting platform. I'm also grateful to Benjamin Alexander for funding The Eighth Way this year. I'm also eminently grateful for all those who choose to visit this site. God has been wondrously generous. It's my ardent hope that this little work will serve to foster a greater love and devotion to Him by critically confronting the difficult things we all experience in this life.

Come and see the new design.