Menu Items

I'm making a concession today. I've never liked drop-down menus. My distaste for them is precisely why I've avoided them like the plague. But today I was viewing the site on an iPad oriented in portrait mode and I realized that the menu items were being wrapped in a way that I found aesthetically displeasing. So, alas, considering the screen size of the iPad (and the iPad Mini) I've decided to start incorporating some drop-down menus. They will only be one level deep so to not be too much of a burden. Also, I'm not 100% satisfied with their implementation on the iPad with this template so it might be time to consider a different one for the whole site. Who knows?

I don't have an iPad Mini so I can't test the appeance of my site with those dimensions. If someone out there, however, has an iPad Mini and would be so kind as to send me a screenshot of the homepage I'd be greatly appreciative.

Look forward to some changes and additions to the site, more regular posting (now that I'm a little more free to write) as this year progresses. And please, keep me in your prayers.