Advent is the time of year when we are called to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord. Part of this preparation is the process of purgation. We must un-clutter our lives to make room for the Lord. He greatly desires to dwell within your heart. Everyone must determine for themselves what must be purged. One must clear a space, so to speak. 

Those of us nailed firmly to the wood of the desk are not exempt. It is my hope to consider both final papers and assignments to be part of this process. As each task is completed there will be more room for the Lord in my mind and in my heart. The anxiety that accompanies these tasks will be replaced with an urgency. I must hurry and finish cleaning my house because the Lord is coming.  He will not delay.

Blessed Advent! Pray for all the students who are super stressed right now. They may not realize how much they need your spiritual support. Also, I will not be as active online until I am once again free to pursue extracurricular activities.