From the Pope's Pen

A very interesting Motu Proprio was published today. It's actually pretty awesome when one considers the ramifications. I know at least one provision in the document that will be very controversial:

§ 3. In particular, the diocesan Bishop is to ensure that charitable agencies dependent upon him do not receive financial support from groups or institutions that pursue ends contrary to Church’s teaching. Similarly, lest scandal be given to the faithful, the diocesan Bishop is to ensure that these charitable agencies do not accept contributions for initiatives whose ends, or the means used to pursue them, are not in conformity with the Church’s teaching.

In short: No George Soros money.

This document doesn't just clarify the rights and responsibilities of the Bishops with respect to Charitable institutions and giving in their local Church. It actually sets down some pretty awesome rules for the way in which Charitable work must not be considered apart from the sanctifying mission of the Church.

This is an important document for reigning in groups that work on the fringe of Catholic teaching or with only the barest amount of Ecclesiastical Oversight.

I'm looking at you Pax Christi. Orthodoxy is essential to the mission of service.

I'm looking at you Priests for Life. Ecclesiastical oversight is essential to the mission of service.