Musical Guest

I would like to introduce my readers to my friend Frank La Rocca. He is an amazing composer. The first time I heard his music was at St. Margaret Mary's Parish in Oakland, CA. He had written a Mass in honor of the ICRSS priest's 25th anniversary of Ordination. It was an experience that I will always cherish.

Drawing upon influences as diverse as Josquin, Byrd, Stravinsky, George Crumb and Arvo Pärt, his music has been described as possessing a “luminous beauty” with “a profound sacred sensibility” and as “a modern evocation of the radiant spirituality of ancient chant.”

I was at the release party for Frank's first solo album the other day. It was a wonderful crowd of his friends, family, colleagues and students. If you are interested in Contemporary Sacred Music I would highly recommend getting to know the works of Frank La Rocca.

It couldn't hurt to purchase his album either.

No, it's not yet on Amazon or iTunes. But, owning the CD is worth it. The Album art is beautiful and the descriptions of each piece in the jacket (I think that is what they still call it), are worth having. Even the artwork on the CD itself communicates the beauty of its content.


In this Place

Also, for Sacred Music nerds: Frank gave a talk at Notre Dame on Sacred Music. The full transcript is on the Notre Dame Sacred Music Blog. Just follow the link.

The Apologetics of Beauty