I really hate when technology gets in the way.

I've spent the better part of two days getting my techno-self back in order. First it started with Wordpress. I was pretty happy with it as far as a free service goes. Then it started including obnoxious adds into my posts. Now, I have nothing against ads on free sites or services. The problem is with how it is done. I abandoned Google over a year ago because their Privacy Policy became creepy. Well, yesterday, I left Wordpress because they started including video ads in my posts in such a way that it appeared like I was linking to some random video. It was dishonest. Creepy Google & sneaky Wordpress. Then, this morning I couldn't use my iPod Touch with headphones. Somehow, while I was sleeping, a large piece of pocket lint crept into the headphone jack. It was small enough to get in but it was large enough to deny access. It was pressed so far in that it was unremovable. Honestly, I was having a few other problems with the iPod so it occasioned an opportunity to drop by one of the local Apple Stores.

I love the Apple Store

Anyway, I hate when technology gets in the way. Good technology should get out of the way so you can create awesome stuff. Fortunately, in this case, technology getting in the way is providing an opportunity for me to do some awesome stuff. My frustration with Wordpress got me to make my transition to SquareSpace. I love SquareSpace. Not only are their hosting and creation tools wonderful, the folks who run the place are heroic. You should have heard what they did to keep things running in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. I had wanted to make this move for a while but I was worried about the cost. Fortunately a benefactor came forward to help with a portion of the cost. Also, my overheating (yes ... overheating!!!), plugged up iPod Touch was replaced by a new pristine iPod Touch.

So, two parts of my techno-life are in reboot. I'm pretty happy with the site, I'm pretty happy to have a new iPod Touch. I'm happy that someone has offered their charity to help me continue this ministry. So, I guess this is the modern world equivalent of God writing straight with crooked lines. It really is amazing. Yes, my time is in the can, but God can do some pretty cool things with otherwise useless frustrations. I guess we need to be like good technology too. We should get out of the way so God can make awesome stuff.

Now that the new site is live, take some time to look around. I've organized some things a little better than on my Wordpress site. I've also added a web form for contacting me. You will also notice that I added a donate page. Currently there is only a link to the main Donation page for my Province. Over time I will add other benefactor opportunities. I have a few things that need to be funded that I have permission to do but have yet to move forward on them. I always beg for the Order when I speak, it probably good that I do so when I write.

I hope you enjoy experiencing the new site as much as I enjoy creating it.